Be Soft

I want to be soft again. I want to take off this armor. It is no longer useful. I want … More

I Surrender All

Hi Reva! It’s time to renew your Adult Life Plan. You can renew now with one annual payment of $2008 … More

Love Yourself

My parents split up when I was about five years old. Neither one of them remarried or recoupled. My memory … More

I’m Black Y’all

In the fall I took an unexpected break from writing and tried my hand at the dating game again. One … More

Consistency is Key

My word for the year is Consistency. You should know that I have a thing for definitions. I get it … More

In the Name of Fear

Here I am smack dab in the middle of my 30th year.  It seems as though turning thirty is a … More

Reclaiming MY Time

Little Sister: What time does the meeting start? Me: 3pm Little Sister: What time do you want to head that … More

My Daily Routine

I am a person that responds well to structure. You know how people always say you should think outside of … More

Anxiety, Anxschmiety

I remember being age five and preparing for my first day of kindergarten. It was bath time and my mother … More

Tag, I’m It!

I was just sitting there minding my own business when suddenly he appeared. He sat right beside me. I saw … More