My Daily Routine

I am a person that responds well to structure. You know how people always say you should think outside of the box? Well, I used to say that I was the box. SUPER SQUARE. Since I was a child I would make up rules and routines for myself. I felt like I needed that to keep me on track so that I could achieve my goals.

From seventh grade through my senior year of high school I wore uniforms to school. When I was preparing to go to college I really didn’t know much about dressing myself for everyday life. What did I do? I made myself a uniform that was very similar to what I wore in high school. Fitted women’s polo shirts, jeans and coordinating tennis shoes. I had all the colors. Luckily for me fitted women’s polos were in style then.  It was so easy. I would even lay my clothes out the night before. My alarm would go off around 5:45am because I either had an early morning practice or an early work-study shift at athletic complex. Getting out of bed that early was not exactly a pleasant experience, but I figured out a routine that helped me do it with ease. As the years progressed I learned a little more about dressing myself, but I always had my basic go to outfit when I needed it.

The truth is I still need these types of rules, routines, boundaries, whatever you want to call them, to keep me on track. I don’t just float through this life magically doing the right thing and making the right decisions all the time. That is not my style. I’m a planner. I make to do lists and cross things off. I write down goals and timely plans to accomplish them. If it’s not written down, then I’m probably not going to get through it. I’m learning to give myself more grace when I find fault with myself. That is a whole ‘nother process and a different story, in and of itself.

This past January I was feeling low on energy, disconnected from THE SOURCE and just in an all-around rut. I decided I needed a new morning routine for myself. It looked like this.

-Wake Up and IMMEDIATELY get out of the bed.

-Go straight in to an energizing yoga sequence – 10 minutes

-Quiet time for mindfulness and gratitude – 5 minutes

-Daily Bible reading and Prayer – 15 minutes

-Make my bed.

-Prepare for the rest of my day(bathing, hair, get dressed, etc.)

-Out of the door by 8:45am.

The difference in my energy and attitude were night and day. I’m ashamed to say it, but this routine was short lived. After two weeks I was back to my old ways. Snoozing three and four times. No prayer, no gratitude, no nothing. Now it is August. More than half of the year has flown by and I have decided there is no better time than now to jump start than now.

My goal is to make this routine a habit. This is a major key in me redefining my life. I was listening to this podcast yesterday, it’s called the Secret to Success. One of the speakers is Eric Thomas and he said, “The answer to your feelings is the routine.”  Some days I might not feel, but those feelings shouldn’t matter. They are fleeting. Everyday this routine gives me a chance to decide how my day will go versus just letting life happen. It gives me time to reflect and to speak positively over myself and others. It gets my blood flowing early and helps me to further develop a sound mind. It’s a win all around.

So today, Wednesday, August 1st, I am back at it. I’m creating habits of excellence one day at a time.

Let’s create something beautiful.

Happy Hump Day Beauties!!!




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