Hey Y’all! It’s me, Reva B! The B is for Broussard. I am a native of Southwest Louisiana now residing in North Texas. I am an Honest Introvert. A Recovering Perfectionist. A Moon, People, and Style watcher. An Optimistic Problem Solver. A Creative Day Dreamer. Oh, and I am fluent in two languages: eye rolling & song.

In all my years I have been trying to present myself a certain way. You know, checking off all of the right boxes. In 90s tv character analogy I was pretending to have it all together like Claire, Khadijah & Gina and suppressing my true Sinclaire, Pam and, dare I say, Regine tendencies.  That act has left me somewhat accomplished, yet extremely unfulfilled.

After much deliberation and some procrastination I have decided to be an active participant in my own unfolding. I am changing and I’ll be using this medium to document that. I’ll report some of my findings as related to various themes which include, but are not limited to, fitness, style, natural hair care, skincare, SELF CARE, and spirituality/religion.

Come on this journey with me.

Reva B.