Consistency is Key

My word for the year is Consistency. You should know that I have a thing for definitions. I get it from my mother. You might be surprised to find out that one of her favorite things to do is sit at the kitchen table with a dictionary. She is a peculiar type of bibliophile. In any case, when I’m writing and thinking about writing I choose my words carefully. After I have done the choosing I go to the dictionary to verify the meaning. It is probably part of my perfectionist complex. In any case, my word for the year 2019 is consistency. The definition is conformity in the APPLICATION of something. Synonyms are stability, constancy, uniformity, REGULARITY, LACK OF DEVIATION. I saw this meme the other day and it read, “my name is consistency. I am related to success. We should hang out more than every once in a while.” How fitting. I have a couple of goals for the year. I’m not going to list them in much detail. The most important one is to be consistent in applying myself and going after the life that I want.

I started a new workout plan in January. The goal is 5 workouts a week. In years past my fitness goals were more focused on completing a certain act. One year I ran a half marathon. Two years ago I was all about strengthening my upper body so that I could do an unassisted pull-up. After I checked those items off of my list I let my regular workouts go by the wayside.  This year I don’t have a set mileage, weight, rep, or skill goal. It’s about the process and being consistent.

What is required to be consistent? Desire. A plan of action. Time and/or a schedule. Accountability. For a while I was really bogged down with the everyday happenings of life. I didn’t realize how moving would impact my life. I thought because I was just changing spaces my transition would be seamless. It was not. My routine changed and I became really bogged down.  Without the benefit of a personal trainer searching for and/or writing up a workout felt more difficult than the actual workout itself. In order to combat that type of burnout I purchased an eight week virtual training program.

I have the plan of action and the desire to get back on track. I also recruited accountability partners via Instagram! I let them know that my goal is to be consistent and that I will log five workouts per week for a total of ten weeks (I voluntarily added two weeks of pre-conditioning to the virtual program). And finally I am making time for me. My schedule is pretty solid. I hit the gym after work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and in the morning on Saturday. If my normal evening routine changes, then I wake up early to get the sweat in before work. So far, so good. This week marks the fifth week. I am nearly half way through and I have got to say that it feels pretty good.  I’m always so proud of myself when I finish workout number five. Probably because I know that I really would prefer to skip the gym on Saturday morning. I do not enjoy waking up early on my day off, but it is the best way to GET IT DONE.

That is where I am. I know I’ve been M.I.A. for a while and I’ll be writing more later to tell you exactly where I’ve been. For now I just wanted you to know that I’m restarting. My fitness journey. My blogging. My hair & beauty tutorials.  And I plan to do them all consistently this year. 2018 threw me for a loop, but it did not knock me down.  I’m on solid ground and I’m ready to share more with you. If you rock with me, keep checking in. I’m coming at you every Wednesday from here on out.

Thanks Beautees!

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