Be Soft

I want to be soft again.

I want to take off this armor. It is no longer useful.

I want to take off my cool and leave it outside the door.

I want to walk and/or talk with hand in hand for so long that I forget whose hand is whose.

I want deep snuggles and soft kisses and to be so close to you that when I blink my eyelashes flutter against your face.

I want all the tickles and the giggles.

I want to give and to receive.

I want to be the little spoon to the big spoon and then switch because I want my arms to be as much of a comforter to you as yours are to me.

I want to want to cook for me again and share that experience with you because my stuffed pork chops taste like blocked artery heaven. We only eat them once every blue moon so we’ll be fine.

I want all the foot rubs and back rubs and scalp rubs and lush baths.

I want the intimacy that comes with having conversations about everything and nothing.

I want it all and it is coming.

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