Know Your Worth

I was expressing my work frustrations to a good friend of mine. I told her that I just wanted the company I worked for to pay me what I was worth. What I really meant was I wanted my salary to be equal to or higher than the yearly cost of attendance of the university from which I had graduated. At the time my yearly salary was $36,000. The total cost of attendance for WashU was about $45,000. That was the number I was assigning to my worth. That was the salary that would make my 23-year-old self feel like I had achieved a certain modicum of success and was headed in the right direction to achieve more.

I told her, “I just want them to pay me what I’m worth.” She responded with this soft, yet pained look in her eyes,”They’ll never do that.”

I didn’t say anything to this friend at the time, but I was mildly offended. We were friends and she was a great mentor to me. Why would she say that to me? I was surely capable of getting a job where I could earn at least $45,000 a year. I didn’t get it. I decided to just let it roll off. I knew better. She’ll see. I’ll get my job and she’ll see that for me it is possible. I wasn’t even thinking it in an I told you so type of way. I was just determined because I knew that  I was different from everyone else that she had worked with.

Flash forward six years. I’m with the same company. My income has increased and I still have the same frustrations that I expressed to my friend six years ago.

A few months ago I was listening to a talk between TD Jakes and Patrick Furtick on Youtube about building your vision from the ground up. The talk was geared towards encouraging people to explore more and promoting T.D. Jakes book Soar! At one point, I don’t remember the time stamp so forgive me, T.D. Jakes brings the conversation around to being an earning potential. He said, and this is a loose quote, ‘They will pay you for the job you are doing… but that doesn’t mean that they are limiting your income potential.’

This brought me back to my conversation with my friend and made me realize SHE WAS RIGHT!  They being the company that employs or contracts you. They will pay you for that job you are doing for them. Only that one.

That one job is not the only thing you are capable of doing. That one job is not the only way for you to earn an income to sustain yourself. That one job is not the only way for you to feel that your purpose in life is being fulfilled. After all, it is just ONE job.

God has given us all a variety of talents and/or gifts. Some we were born with. Some we have honed as we have grown. Some people have many. Some may have only a few, but we all have something that we can do in a way that no one else can.

Your potential is limitless.

Your earning potential is limitless.

Your gifts will make a way for you.

Don’t limit yourself by trying to assign a monetary value to your worth as a smart, able-bodied, gifted, capable person. I’m really talking to myself. A company can never pay you what you are WORTH because you are priceless. They can’t afford ALL of YOU. You are made in the image of God. What worldly fee can be attributed to something so great?!

My friend was right. A company paying me what I’m worth will never happen. That’s bad business. Don’t get it twisted. They CAN pay you your rate. They CAN pay you your market value. That is something that you can and should set. Do your research and know how much paper these people need to come off of for this one job. Collect your coins honey. Just don’t allow your current income or future income to be a measure of your worth.

That’s what we not gonna do Beauties!!!

Happy Hump Day!!! XOXO

Here is the link to the video. It’s long, but it’s worth it. So many gems here.



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